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Internal Audit
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In a highly turbulent business environment, it is essential for companies to focus on core competencies rather than to get involved in activities that are non-core to their businesses. The non-core activities are being increasingly outsourced to specialised service providers who can perform these tasks more cost effectively. One such outsourcing opportunity is the Internal Audit Function.

Not long ago, Internal Auditors focused on evaluating compliance with an organisation's policies and procedures. Today, internal auditors do much more, from identifying risks to developing risk management protocols and analysing processes in search of greater efficiencies. Now more than ever, organisations need to make certain that their internal processes adequately and efficiently address these challenges.

Most organisations respond to these challenges by creating an independent internal audit function. When effectively aligned with the needs of its various stakeholders, internal audit is a key driver of effective management control, proactive risk management, solid corporate governance and ongoing business process improvement.

The change was considered necessary in order to improve the "independence" of Internal Auditors and to place sufficient emphasis to risk management and corporate governance issues.

Our audit services to you will be tailored to the needs of your management and, we shall be actively involved in promoting effective management control, proactive risk management, corporate governance and on-going business process improvement.

All public listed companies in Malaysia are required by law to have an Internal Audit function.

As such, an outsourced internal audit function makes good business sense.


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